Premarriage class

Pre-Marriage Class

February 19th - April 30th, 2018

$0 - $70

Evergreen-Bloomington, Room 119

If you desire to become husband and wife at our church, we invite you to attend our pre-marriage class. Our mission is to equip seriously-dating and engaged couples with a Biblical foundation for a lifetime of marital happiness and holiness. Our pre-marriage class is also open to a limited number of recently married couples (married five years or less) who feel they would like a “refresher” course in the principles of a successful marriage.

Check out the Pre-Marriage Class Brochure for more information or to register with a check.

"Him" will be charged a nonrefundable fee of $70.00 for the class. "Her" will not be charged.

Please don't forget to register separately for both "Him" & "Her."